A Skoche More on Newsweek and Reform Club

I mentioned the other day that Reform Club made the Newsweek Blogwatch, but I didn’t give specifics for those interested.

It’s the Nov. 7, 2005 issue and appears on page 18.


7 thoughts on “A Skoche More on Newsweek and Reform Club

  1. Out of curiousity were any of the reform clubbers interested in starting threads on either of the following topics?

    1) The gutting of TABOR in colorado and the future of Grover Norquist
    2) the “ridiculous” comparison of guantanamo to a gulag given the new information that the CIA has operated an archipelago of torture chambers throughout eastern europe (including in former gulag sites) for the last four years

  2. I have one thank you. I’m just asking if any reform clubbers would like to talk about these issues. Why you find that threatening I can’t imagine.

  3. Hunter,
    here’s a link

    The gist is that the TABOR which was basically started in colorado has just been gutted by a vote there because it caused or at least aided a large recession in the state. Since the TABOR is Norquist’s baby it may spell some serious problems for Norquist going forward.

  4. “Why bother to ask? Just hijack a comments section like you always do.”

    If you are referring to this particular thread then all i can say is that this issue didn’t seem to be generating or need any comments and since the reform club doesn’t create open threads I posted my question here.

    But if you mean in general then I don’t think I’m any more guilty than anyone else of thread drift. Since I tend to stay with discussions until they are finished it may seem that I do because naturally discussion tend to drift off the original topic.

  5. Ah I thought of the other topic I was going to see if anyone wanted to discuss: Intellectual Property rights.

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