That Big Spicy Italian Meatball

For whatever it’s worth, I am amazed—truly—at the political stupidity of the Dems, the latest manifestation of which is this (draft?) memo arguing or suggesting that Alito as prosecutor went easy on the gangsters because they’re all part of that big happy Italian spicy meatball family. Or something. I just cannot believe that anyone with more IQ points than teeth thought that this would be a winning argument. Am I missing something? Or was politics more fun when the disingenuousness was subtle? And all those Democratic Senators from the Northeast who have lots of Italian constituents? How fast will they be able to backpedal away from this?


12 thoughts on “That Big Spicy Italian Meatball

  1. If the Dems really want to play that card, they need to go see the unions and mafia and decide which high profile Dem gets hit to make the sell feel real.

  2. Could someone link to this? I really hope that it’s just a draft or some idiotic fringe group, if it’s true and not some Republican plant. That sounds just plain dumb, as well as playing right into Orrin Hatch’s hands, and as fractured as the Democrats are, I can’t believe they’d be that stupid.

    Alito has been getting some very polite and comprehensive coverage at The New Republic. I’ve come to trust their opinions on judicial matters, and the more information I get, the less objectionable Alito appears on the social front. The business front? Now that’s something else entirely.

  3. The best part of this story? At the very moment DNC is denying they had anything to do with this memo, the same blogosphere that exposed the Rathergate memos as fakes is hacking the Word document metatags and discovering not only who wrote it, but everyone who edited it. And their institutional affiliations. The supposedly stodgy, antiquated conservatives are kicking the left’s behind with superior geekitude.

    Compare the response of Democrats like Geraldene Ferraro when it’s not only implied, but demonstrated, that you’ve got Mob connections: you accuse the other side of bias against Italians (even when your accuser is named d’Amato!) and then prominently ignore the whole thing.

  4. From what I read the memo only says that he failed at prosecuting a well known mob boss. Certainly one can read into that a slimey “all italians are mafia sympathizers” kind of thing but that doesn’t mean it was intended. It may quite simply have been a case of “this guy couldn’t even nail a modern Al Capone.”

    Don’t know which way it was intended. As for it being at the top of the list again based on what I’ve read the list was essentially chronological because it was a research piece and not something for public consumption (where you’d expect an itemized list of importance).

    Again I can’t say for sure, the democrats certainly have slimeballs like Carville who’ll do anything to win. But overall I’d say that this was a fairly innocuous report that the right has tried to inflate into a racism charge.

  5. Thanks, T. The memo is here (it’s even a right-wing website) and it’s just a meta-data document intepreted through liberal talking points. There’s nothing in it that’s even marginally offensive or objectionable if you actually read it. The whole hoopla is much ado about nothing.

  6. I agree that was dumb.

    However, I had to laugh when I heard the Republicans in the Senate decided not to conduct business because so many of the Democrats were at Rosa Parks funeral.

    Good idea, but why aren’t the Republicans there, tooc

  7. I jumped too quickly in my comment on the post. Looks like the GOP side hit the spin bottle quickly, powerfully, and apparently, unfairly on this one. The fair reading is that he was ineffective, not that he was mafia-friendly.

  8. James…we’ve all known he is an idiot…occaisionally useful, but an idiot nonetheless(he’s your side’s Bill O’Reilly).

  9. I’m not so sure he even qualifies as “on my side.” He doesn’t even pretend to have an ideological basis anymore. He’s just a hack.

    My personal Bill O’Reilly is Stephen Colbert…

  10. I’m not so sure he even qualifies as “on my side.”

    I have no intention of allowing Bill O’Reilly to be assigned to “my side” either. It would be kind of fun to lock Matthews and O’Reilly in a closet and take side bets on how long they could shout at each other before their vocal shock waves reduced the door and walls to their constituent molecules.

  11. I’m with Kathy … I do not agree that O’Reilly is on “our” side.

    He is probably more on our side that the other, however. He is in it for ratings, and does a fine job on that count.

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