Borking and Miering

AP mentions the Reform Club prominently in its story on whether “to Mier” will become part of the nation’s political parlance:

A contributor to The Reform Club, a right-leaning blog, wrote that to get “borked” was “to be unscrupulously torpedoed by an opponent,” while to get “miered” was to be “unscrupulously torpedoed by an ally.”

S.T. Karnick, co-editor of The Reform Club, elaborated.

“If you have a president who is willing to instigate a big controversy, the prospect of being `borked’ will be the major possibility,” he said. “But if you have a president who is always trying to get consensus, then it’s much more likely that nominees will get `miered.'”

You can read the full article here.


17 thoughts on “Borking and Miering

  1. What a load. The proper definition of “Miered” would be “The slow death of an unqualified candidate”.

  2. Speculation time:

    Press rumors are all over Michael McConnell being the nominee.

    While I think that would be awesome, I’m putting my money on wildcard Larry D. Thompson.

  3. Anybody who has a known judicial record who possesses the judicial philosophy of a Scalia, Thomas, Rehnquist, or Bork will be okay by me. I want the left to cringe; I want the left to lose!

    BTW: I abhor liberals…

  4. BTW: I abhor liberals…


    A liberal stole your girlfriend? Your mom left your dad and ran off with a liberal? An liberal stole your toys in the playground?

  5. An liberal stole your toys in the playground?

    Or a liberal might have hurt his brain with twisted grammar. =P

    Why abhor liberals? We’re cute and cuddly and our parties are so much more fun. Do you need a hug? I think you need a hug. C’mere…

  6. What a load. The proper definition of “Miered” would be “The slow death of an unqualified candidate”.

    I didn’t agree with the cited definition of “miered” either, but that’s one of the great things about Reform Club. Just like the original, we tolerate the other man’s heresies, so long as he keeps passing the port.

  7. Now, now, Kathy–today’s heresy is tomorrow’s religion.

    Or the other way ’round, like that line from Peter de Vries: One Dutchman — a Christian. Two Dutchmen — a church. Three Dutchmen — a heresy trial!

  8. Thanks for the heads-up, Kathy.

    I reckon my near-lifelong ambition of writing for my fortnightly bible, NR, is hereby scotched (or at least bourboned).

    I wonder if TNR would have me, then. I better go trashcan my last post, and ¡muy damn pronto! As we have learned, paper trails can do you in, even if written in cyberink.

    (Mr. Karnick is totally screwed. The article makes it look like he’s responsible for the “torpedoed” thing. Sic transit Gloria Mundi (whoever she is) and certainly Harriet Miers.)

  9. It’s a shame Hunter hasn’t been around the blog to enjoy this Mier-ing more.

    Especially this news that Boo-Hugh Hewitt intends to chain himself to the White House fence in protest.

  10. I thought “borked” meant to do yourself in. It was Bork’s talk that lost him support with the president’s own party, after all . . .

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