He’s Not My Hero, But It’s Legend Time

This is supposed to be a MUG SHOT. Check out the lefty sites. They’re freaking out at the unsuitability of this photo for campaign ads.

The only thing I would have done differently would have been to wear a “Vote for Pedro” shirt.


11 thoughts on “He’s Not My Hero, But It’s Legend Time

  1. That smile is diabolical! He is looking into the camera saying, “Up yours moveon.org! You thought you were going to use this against me … GOTCHA!”

  2. “Gotcha?” The man’s the leading Republican in the House and he just got arraigned and booked. Mugshot shmugshot.

  3. Yes, but the fella who arraigned and booked him is not exactly a non-partisan. I’m predicting Delay walks easy.

  4. Ronnie Earle is an outstanding district attorney. He made his name going after Democrats who played fast and loose with the laws governing Texas politics. This partisan-mongering is a load of horse-hockey.

  5. James, I lived in Texas for six years. I know whereof I speak. You don’t actually think this stunt was Ronnie’s idea to begin with, do you? He’s just recovered enough dignity from his Kay Bailey Hutchinson thing to go at it again.

  6. From what I can tell, it’s a fair indictment. TRMPAC clearly broke Texas law, and you can make a case that DeLay was a key player in the crime. The law of coincidences can be stretched only so far.

  7. One problem might be that the Texas Democrats appear to have operated under the law just the way Delay did, but are not under indictment.

  8. Yah, Hunter. The problem is that not only Republicans, but Democrats as well hold GOPers to a higher standard. That’s the problem when you have standards.

    Failing to meet one’s own standards isn’t necessarily hypocrisy, it’s just a byproduct of being as human as the next guy.

    Did Delay cut corners? Probably so, altho Ronnie Earle running from grand jury to grand jury in hopes of an indictment makes the whole thing entirely too squirrelly for me.

    But the complaints that Delay didn’t provide a suitable mugshot to be used against him reminds me of why Bush in the 2004 debates didn’t give an “honest” answer to the question about what mistakes he had made.

    I mean, duh. Come in, said the spider. That was an insult even to a minimal intelligence like mine or Dubya’s.

    (For the record, John Kerry was not asked the same question. His mistakes were obvious, I suppose, and besides, he’s a Democrat.)

    I’m not of fan of Tom Delay, but well done, sir. You may be an exterminator, the congressional equivalent of Dale Gribble (Harvard does not offer a major in pest control), but you’re still smarter than the smart and wiser than the wise.

  9. The neat thing is, if you don’t break the law — sorry, “cut corners” — then you shouldn’t have to worry about stuff like this.

    Sorry about DeLay though.

  10. hmmm, I thought what most liberal bloggers were getting all excited about were the indictments coming down next week.

    I haven’t read a peep about them here, though. I’d be curious what people are thinking.

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