Acton Institute v. Christianity Today on Climate Change

Actually, it’s Jordan Ballor v. Andy Crouch, but they serve as proxies for their respective employers. I think this post is very interesting and shows a healthy debate among what we might term center-right Christians on global warming.

P.S. Saw part of a really wretched Robert Altman film predicting a frozen future. Yes, remember we used to worry about global cooling back in the day. Paul Newman starred in this turkey titled Quintet.


4 thoughts on “Acton Institute v. Christianity Today on Climate Change

  1. You see, Hunter, it’s the women who lead us into the future.

    So in the ’70s when women wanted to be cool we were headed for Global Cooling.

    Now that women want to be hot we are headed for Global Warming.

    There is no slightest inconsistency.

  2. As before global warming can lead to a new ice age by releasing vast quantities of currently frozen arctic water which can then act as a CO2 sponge causing a greenhouse effect in the other direction and a plummeting of temperatures.

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