The Rev. RFK, Jr.

According to RFK, Jr.: God Hates Haley Barbour

You see, because Haley was insufficiently invested in environmental regulation, the Lord redirected Katrina from New Orleans and decided to slam Mississippi.

Look out, Haley. Greenpeace has a direct line to heaven.

Because the politician in question’s last name is Kennedy (and you know that’s not as in D. James Kennedy), he will receive somewhat different treatment for this pithy statement than he would have if he were surnamed Falwell or Robertson.


7 thoughts on “The Rev. RFK, Jr.

  1. If only one person could steer clear of the “That Bad Thing Happened to You Because God Hates You” line, you’d think the son of RFK, nephew of JFK and first cousin of JFK Jr would at least be on the short list, wouldn’t you?

  2. You have to remember that the Kennedy’s are America’s royalty and that RFK, Jr. is insulated from such deep thoughts by virtue of the divine right of kings.

  3. Wait, he doesn’t actually do that. He talks about the area being involved in getting the US out of the Kyoto protocols. He doesn’t claim god used a hurricane in retribution except in the last sentence as an obvious joke.

    I’m disappointed, hunter, you deliberately misconstrued his post. I think it’s very questionable to attribute a particular instance of severe weather to global waming and you’d be fine to criticize such a link. Pretending though that his argument was about God when that was a throw away line though is sad.

  4. By the way Columbia Christian for Life have managed to up the ridiculousness by not only claiming the hurricane is god’s message against abortion but that the satellite imagery of the hurricane even looks like a fetus.

    see here

    Somehow I’m reminded of the “devil face in the smoke” pictures from 9/11.

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