Follow-Up on Planned Parenthood Cartoon

Joe Manzari offers an important observation on the Planned-Parenthood Golden Gate cartoon controversy that really tells you all you need to know about media bias. It’s really this simple:

Imagine if Focus on the Family published a cartoon depicting their chairman, James Dobson, as a superhero blowing up non-violent Planned Parenthood protestors. Do you think the liberal media would just shrug it off? How about if that same cartoon depicted pro-choice demonstrators being decapitated and drowned in sex-lubricant? Can you imaging that slipping through the cracks of the New York Times editing room? I think not.

Manzari is right. There is simply no question that this story would have been covered differently if it had been, oh say, the Washington state branch of Christian Coalition in its heyday.

On another front, Manzari is wrong. He characterizes Planned Parenthood Golden Gate as an organization that advocates violence because of their cartoon. Let’s be serious for a moment. We know that what they are really trying to do is satirize pro-lifers so potently as to make them seem completely unworthy of being heard. Still quite an unsavory tactic, but not quite in the realm of advocating violence.


11 thoughts on “Follow-Up on Planned Parenthood Cartoon

  1. I was talking about the cartoon and their portrayal of pro-lifers. I agree that abortion is an extraordinarily violent act.

  2. Dude, Dobson believes that all abortion activities are hated by GOD. He believes anyone connected to it will be burnt in hell for all eternity. Let’s not kid ourselves about which side enjoys the more sadistic fantasies, okay?

  3. T, no Christian is happy at the thought of anyone being cast out of the presence of God. Dobson has worked incredibly hard to enlarge the camp of those he hopes will be saved. Sounds ridiculous to you, but he has worked to save souls his entire career.

  4. “T, no Christian is happy at the thought of anyone being cast out of the presence of God.”

    Wierd how some of them get this gleeful glow when they think of their neighbors burning then.

    Time to admit reality Hunter, there’s no shortage of self professed christians who enjoy feeling holier-than-thou and the thought of those they disapprove of being tormented for all eternity. You might as well claim all children are sweet naive beings who would never pull the wings off flies. Hopefully you get the idea before I start pulling out the more obvious examples like Fred Phelps.

    “Dobson has worked incredibly hard to enlarge the camp of those he hopes will be saved.”

    Dobson has worked incredibly hard to increase his POWER. Nothing more than that. He’s a salesman for a brand that has good brand identity. It’s is and always has been an economic transaction. The customer buys freedom from difficult decisions and the seller gets money and influence. Its exactly the same trade people have made with mystics, strongmen, and celebrities through human history.

    “Sounds ridiculous to you, but he has worked to save souls his entire career.”

    It is very ridiculous to me that you can possibly buy that a guy who is nothing more than another rich sleaze ball washington lobbyist actually gives a damn about anyone except his bank roll and his address book. That you can fall for such an act pushes the edge of incredulity for me frankly because I don’t think you are a dumb guy.

    If Dobson really gave a damn would he be hosting gala events for republican senators or working in a soup kitchen to feed the hungry? Gee tough call. Nobody who runs a large christian organization can ever claim to be a real christian because their faith calls them to do small humble acts of charity. Dobson is not humble, nor is he charitable. And your regard for him is certainly unfortunate and unfounded.

  5. “Clueless. Can’t help you. Pity.”

    In other words you can’t dispute my argument but you also can’t deal with the cognitive dissonence of realizing you’ve been had by these people so instead you’ll give up and ignore the situation.

    Welcome to denial-land, you’re participant #5,163,654,753 today.

  6. What you are referring to as an argument is nothing more than a series of ad hominem accusations.

    Feels good to do my daily work of kicking T-man’s butt. It’s Schlitz O’Clock.

  7. Locke,
    feel free to let me know if you care to address any of my points. Claiming my arguments are meritless however carries no weight since you’ve never been exactly the arbiter of logic if you get my drift.

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