Date It! Time-Stamp It! The Next Supreme Court Justice Will Be . . .

Edith Brown Clement. My prediction is in.

UPDATE: I’m now hearing that I am gloriously wrong! We’ll see. I’m still hoping for McConnell.

UPDATE II: National Review Bench Memos says Roberts because he’s just come back from London. Pretty strong reasoning.

UPDATE III: It’s Roberts. Next time we get Alan Reynolds to make the prediction.


6 thoughts on “Date It! Time-Stamp It! The Next Supreme Court Justice Will Be . . .

  1. Connectedness, or he abiity to read all the speculation that’s been flying about the Net today?

    I heard the skinny on Clement this morning. On Salon.

    I also think she’s a red herring. My money’s on Brown.

    Remember, conservatives think they “lost” on Bork because the Democrats got to “frame” the issue for a whole day instead of the fact that Bork was a crazy poonhead. Why else wait until 9pm EST to announce? Also, why let the name “slip?” Nope, it’s all a smokescreen, so that Bush and Rove can delight in the “ARGHs!” that will rise from the Capitol Dome when the Democrats realize they’ve wasteds a whole day talking about Clement.

  2. Not to mention the fact that it means the media may talk about something else than Rove’s perfidity. Given the latest polls on the matter that’s got to be job number one at the white house right now.

    Bush can’t exactly focus on Iraq with how lousy that’s going, or Afghanistan with how lousy that’s going so it’s a judicial smokescreen.

  3. Actually I’m kind of surprised Bush isn’t hammering more on Chavez. This whole middle east catastrophy ma be giving south america something it’s not had before: a chance to decide their destiny without the US butting in.

  4. No, connections are the reasons I’m saying what I’m saying. Could be wrong, but that’s the call I’m making based on what I hear.

    Your remarks on Bork are basically disgusting, particularly given how unhappy you become whenever over the top remarks appear about any lefty thought or persona.

    The reason Bork was demonized was simple payback. He was in Justice during Watergate. Nixon told Elliott Richardson to fire Archibald Cox (special investigator). Richardson resigned. Next guy down resigned. Bork agreed to do the firing at the behest of Richardson and his lieutenant because someone had to do it lest a full-blown constitutional crisis emerge. That act earned Bork everlasting enmity from the left.

  5. Ah, does this mean the Right will finally own up to the fact that it hates Hillary Clinton because she was one of the lawyers working for Cox?

  6. The right has no special love for Nixon the President. Nixon the Senator earned a lot of Cold Warrior support, though.

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