Stephen Carter and the Supreme Court

Stephen Carter has a nice piece in the NY Times about confirmation battles and why they threaten the independence of the judiciary.

As for me, I’m thinking Carter would make a pretty good nominee in his own right. In fact, I’d take him second only to Michael McConnell.


One thought on “Stephen Carter and the Supreme Court

  1. The NYT had an interesting piece on actually trying to define “Judicial Activism.” Turns out that if you define the term by a Judge’s action that negates a congressionally passed law (which some claim is counter-democratic) then the most activist SCOTUS judges are none other than Thomas and Kennedy. The least so are Breyer and Ginsburg.

    I can’t link to the article directly since you need a subscription, but here’s the CJR’s discussion of it (and they do link the story in case you do have a subscription)

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