The Do-It-Yourself M.A. in Political Thought

Great guest post by Greg Forster at Evangelical Outpost on how to get an M.A. in Political Thought the autodidact’s way. Check it out.

2 thoughts on “The Do-It-Yourself M.A. in Political Thought

  1. What a truly excellent collection of books. It starts with a truly excellent grounding in the evolution of political thought. I found it to be rather Western-centric, which was disappointing, and the books of the modern era are all designed to refute liberalism (I would have preferred a more balanced selection). However, I have to agree with Mr. Forester, that many, many of those books are critical to a rounded political science education.

  2. I got my undergrad in what I would call mid-twentieth century poli-sci. I also majored in economics. The econ was great. The poli-sci was terrible. Part of it is that my undergrad work reflected the quantitative obsession poli-sci is finally beginning to cast off or de-emphasize. True political thought is making a comeback. When that happens, guys like Greg Forster will be teaching instead of working for school-choice think tanks.

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