Here’s Mud In Their Eyes

Another great Yahoo headline for you – ‘Experts: Wet Winter Caused California Landslide.’

I wonder what was their first clue.

And I wonder too: where do you go to become an ‘expert’?


2 thoughts on “Here’s Mud In Their Eyes

  1. While many results are admittedly pretty obvious the world in general is a complicated place and it never hurts to have people who actually know what the hell they are talking about to confirm what you think is true.

    That said the term “expert” does indeed get misapplied.

  2. At my age (47) you meet a lot of ex-pert women, and they all seem to consider themselves experts about all and sundry. Speaking of sundry, plenty of sun-dried women, too, at that age, especially here in Miami.

    Well, I was young once, but who can remember that far back?

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