Bayh to Run—Maybe, Probably, Most Likely

When Indiana senator Evan Bayh cast his vote against confirmation of Condoleeza Rice for appointment as U.S. Secretary of State, this reporter noted that the vote was in stark contrast to Bayh’s previous voting record. The explanation I offered was that Bayh was deliberately going with the Left in a prominent vote, in preparation for a run for the Democratic nomination for the presidency.

Now there is open speculation that Bayh is indeed preparing for a run. A story on Bayh in today’s issue of The Indianapolis Star-News notes that Bayh’s father, former U.S. senator Birch Bayh (who unsuccessfully ran for his party’s nomination in 1976), told reporters, “I think he’s giving that serious consideration.”

The Star-News story noted, “Bayh has $6.8 million in his campaign fund and is raising more, though he was just re-elected last year.” The story also cited much more evidence pointing toward a presidential run by the well-liked Indiana senator who has positioned himself as a moderate throughout his political career. Sen. Bayh is quoted as trying to dampen the speculation.

With Hillary Clinton as the favored candidate on the Left and moving to to increase support toward the center, it will be interesting to see where Bayh attempts to position himself within the party.


2 thoughts on “Bayh to Run—Maybe, Probably, Most Likely

  1. Bayh has long been my most feared Democrat. I had one before him in the late 80’s and early 90’s. His name was Bill Clinton. A Democrat who can regularly win statewide election in Indiana is a scary fellow. Our only help in this storm is that he will have to win primaries. To do that, he’ll have to warm up the MoveOn.laxative crowd and will hopefull hack off his Indy friends and neighbors in the process.

  2. Hunter –

    By saying that you hope Bayh “hacks off” his Indy friends shows that you and other neocons are willfully hoping that either Bayh does not run, or if he does, that he loses in the primaries and/or the general election so that his political career would be over. I am sure Hoosiers will understand that Bayh will have to move a little left to win in the primaries and appeal to the liberal base. Should Bayh obtain the nod, he will move back to the center in order to appeal to swing voters and some conservatives.

    This shows that you and other far right neocons fear Bayh since he has been able to win a very red state – Indiana – and will most likely win other red states in an election which will guarantee electoral success and a democratic victory in 2008.

    What is amazing is that Bayh, a moderate to liberal centrist, has won in Indiana 5 times given the fact that Indiana is a very conservative state.

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