Jay Again? Land Sakes!

Getting columns published on consecutive days is heady stuff. Getting the lead column of the day at any magazine is headier. So instead of linking to my article at The American Spectator today, I will link to their home page, so you can behold me in my glory, sitting atop the crew of fine scriveners that make TAS a crisp and yummy daily read. Then you can read the article with the proper reverence.

Today I explain to the uninitiated the facts about Ma’ale Adumim, the expansion of which the President chose to criticize publicly yesterday. Additionally, I sneak in a great story about Menachem Begin, not widely known, an interesting fact about Lauren Bacall, not widely known, and the occasional witticism.

And how about this line?

My eyes bugged out so far that my wingtips looked like incoming missiles.