Theologically Liberal and Influential . . .

Question for the readers: Who is the most influential theological liberal in the United States? We can easily reel off the influential theological conservatives like Dobson, Colson, and Neuhaus, who are explicity religious and polito-cultural at the same time. Who is that person or persons among theological liberals? My thesis is that we can’t find anyone to compete. Love to see any names you provide.

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  1. Jesse Jackson is a possibility, but I’m not clear that he is a theological liberal, which would require he deny the literal resurrection of Christ or the Virgin Birth, for instance.

  2. I am not certain of this, but I believe that Hauerwas fully accepts the three Creeds of the church, and hence is not theologically liberal.—STK

  3. He may, I have not heard. The seminary I attended respected him, but in the least labeled him moderate. Gone are the days of Paul Tillich and others. Who is the spokesman for liberal theology? Good question. I would like to add J.I. Packer to the conservative list, as he is an Oxford trained, and practicing, thrologian in the classical sense.

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