Center for Naturalism Round-up

Mega-blogger Joe Carter at The Evangelical Outpost put together a collection of blog postings about the new Center for Naturalism, which officially outs the point of view as a particular perspective rather than THE WAY THINGS ARE.

Apparently, the director of the new center took Carter to task for excessive harshness. Good point. However, he couched his plea for tolerance in a rhetoric of equivalent treatment for Jews, Muslims, etc. Again, the point is made. We’ve been looking for that sort of equality for a long time WITH NATURALISM in the public square.

Check out the collection here. Note: Carter includes comments from Reform Club.


One thought on “Center for Naturalism Round-up

  1. My how informative. A bunch of christian conservatives commenting on what they think about naturalism. Who would have thought they’d be “a-gin it.”?

    Seriously if you want to attack the philosophy then do so, but that means actually making arguments. You tried that earlier and were dead wrong (see below). Feel free to try again, but don’t pass off a bunch of subjective statements and snide comments as “officially” outing the philosophy.

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