Conservative Lecturers: Cheery Lemmings?

Both William Kristol and David Horowitz had pies thrown at them in universities over the past few days. Herewith my letter sent this morning to Mr. Kristol (I am a contributor to The Weekly Standard):

Dear Mr. K,

Here’s hoping that all is well with you and yours….

….as we fervently deny experiencing any amusement at your getting pasted with the pastry.

Let’s face it: academic waters are deep and roiling for a conservative, whether you row or wade. The good news is that this time they only got you with a pi, but who knows? Next time it could be an epsilon. And those are nasty. (I’m sure you recall the Wayne and Shuster routine with Flavius Maximus, the Roman Detective. When he gets the report about Julius Caesar that “Big Julie got stabbed”, Flavius asks “Where did they get him?” “In the rotunda.” “Ooh, that’s painful.”)

Still, unquestionably this is good for the Jews. In the past only Pat Buchanan and Ann Coulter had to pay the piper by being pied; finally Jews have broken through the Glass Pie Dish, first you and then Horowitz. The organizations who provide kosher certification are overjoyed, as Entenmann and other pie-makers are rewarded for their fealty to Jewish needs.

As a device to enhance communication, this is… er, nonpareil. Your bringing a Soupy Sales sensibility to the conservative movement does much to blunt the old-fuddy-duddy image that has been an albatross around its neck and an anchor on its ankle. The pathos of the patisserie shows us the path. Worker bees of the world, unite!

But I imagine you can live without that kind of cool. You probably feel like answering what Yogi Berra did when the Mayor of New York’s wife said, “Yogi, you look cool in that suit.” Ever the gentleman, Yogi answered: “You don’t look so hot yourself.”

The good news is that the Liberals have been reduced to this: an incoherent, half-baked argument. It’s time to declare victory and have the makeup girl clean up the battlefield.




2 thoughts on “Conservative Lecturers: Cheery Lemmings?

  1. I’m pretty sure that was not Yogi Berra who made the famed “not so hot” comment. I’m pretty sure it was a pitcher for the old Brooklyn Dodgers, but I can’t come up with his name right now.

    I should also note that American Spectator’s Wlady Pleszcynzski wrote to correct your spelling of Bobby Thompson to Bobby Thomson! Get with it, Homnick!!!

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