The Difference Between Religion and Politics

I’ve got a piece up today at American Spectator on expectations for the new pope to conform to “new realities” which John Paul II stubbornly resisted.

Here’s a bit:

In the wake of John Paul II’s death, the Associated Press did what the American media always do as great historical events shake the world. They took a poll. The verdict? Americans and American Catholics want change. It is hoped a more open-minded pope will take the reins. He was a great pope (you know, resisted the Nazis and the Communists and all that), but he failed to adapt to the times. What a pity. He could have capitulated to all of the demands of liberal Western democracy and really burnished his legacy. Oh well, missed opportunities …

3 thoughts on “The Difference Between Religion and Politics

  1. Another entire piece could have been written about the poll. Why were respondents asked only about things like marriage and celibacy? Why not ask about abortion? Is it possible the answer would be undesirable? In addition, why not ask about mass attendance? One imagines we’d get quite a different answer from those who actually populate the pews.

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