Hugh Hewitt Treads Similar Ground

Hugh Hewitt has a piece at Weekly Standard today dealing with the pope and the poll, but gives a much briefer analysis. He spends most of his white space wondering why the media didn’t notice John Paul II had critics from the right, too. Thus, this pope was . . . TADA . . . center-right, something Hewitt loves. I’m suspicious of the whole “who’s in the center” game because it usually ends up just being a way of making oneself look virtuous. Anyone can do it. A Klan member can claim to be “in the center” between those who would shoot black men on sight and those who would invite them into their homes!

Anyway, one thing caught my eye in Hewitt’s short article. He writes:

Non-Catholics are best advised to keep silent on matters of doctrine within the Church. It is, after all, no more the business of a non-Catholic what the Church commands on the celibacy of its priests than it is a non-Muslim to opine on the proper keeping of Ramadan.

Uhhhh . . .no.

Any Christian has a right to discuss matters of doctrine within the Catholic Church because it claims to be THE CHURCH. Protestants, Catholics, and Orthodox are all connected as Christians. We should discuss our differences and our doctrines. Otherwise, we have given up on Christ’s exhortation that we be one like he and the father are one.