The MoveOn.Org Laxative

The team at Sojourners is just about the only place in the evangelical world where the Democrats have a foothold. However, these Christian lefties have a sense of humor. Check out this fake news item from their April Fool’s email:

The MoveOn.Org Laxative

Is the disenfranchisement of minority voters not the only irregularity you struggle with?
Does America’s diet of pork-barrel politics and rich, cheesy candidates have you in a bind?
Tired of your personal healthcare concern constantly being a #2 priority?
Are you anxious to start a movement but know you’ll need some help?

MoveOn Laxative: Stop waiting for a movement – make it happen!

Made from safe, gentle, organic ingredients, including all-natural fiber from real grassroots
Easy to swallow – not gritty or uncomfortable like more “radical” remedies
Clinically proven effectiveness without animal testing – we use all human volunteers
Look for our full page ad in this Sunday’s New York Times


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