Using Newt . . .

Am I alone in thinking Newt Gingrich is underutilized in current day majority GOP Washington? Newt Gingrich may have been done in by the superior politician (Bill Clinton) and his own amorous adventures, but the guy is a policy wonk of the highest order. It seems to me that he has a lot to offer to a project like revitalizing Social Security.

First, he has the patience and the intellectual curiosity to lead an out of the box investigation into the possibilities. Second, he has the contacts and the reputation to help push the agenda once it is decided upon. Newt needs to make a comeback that extends beyond the Fox Network. A GOP with all the chess pieces could use a policy visionary to complete the political expertise of Mr. Rove.


3 thoughts on “Using Newt . . .

  1. I agree, Hunter. Mr. Gingrich is no longer a likely political leader, but he can certainly contribute much more to the intellectual fortifications of the Right than he has done in recent years. Savvy organizations should certainly seek him out for his insights and expertise.—STK

  2. I wish he’d run for Senate and rehabilitate himself. I’d think he’d win in Georgia pretty easily, and then, who knows? If the singularly unlikable Richard Nixon could come back from the dead (’68), anybody can.

  3. Na, Newt should collect his pension and write his treatises and stick with small-time analysis. We have many fine up-and-coming leaders in the party who have taken up the mantle. In fact, one marked difference between the Dems and Republicans is their stale old “leadership” (Kennedy, Clinton(s), Carter, Rev Jackson, Rev Lynn, Byrd, Pelosi, Durbin, Boxer, Rev Sharpton and feminist/Planned Parenthood hacks) in contrast to the exploding commentary and leadership in the Republican party. Probably the only really new leader with the Dems is Dean but sadly his adolescent approach adds energy but no real strength. Leave Newt alone to help in minor roles, there’s no need to rehabilitate him (“new” Nixon, anyone?) in any way.

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